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How to Enjoy Rejection

Posted on May 23rd, 2015 by

laptop woman happyI was sitting on the beach in Key West last weekend, enjoying the music and sipping a cold sweet tea  (with a little Jack in it, I’m a Tennessee girl at heart) when I decided to check my email.

Bad idea.  When you are having a moment of bliss, put your phone away!!

I saw an email from my literary agent and the words, “Simon and Schuster”.  My heart sank and I couldn’t breathe.  I was expecting something awesome to be in that email!

But it wasn’t… it was a rejection.  They said wonderful things about me and my book, however, it was still a rejection.

Apparently I didn’t learn my lesson.  Four hours later, I was sitting in Sloppy Joes swaying to the sweet sound of country music (my fav), when I checked my email again.  Being the positive person that I am, I knew it would be good news this time.… Read the rest

How to Talk Yourself Through a Challenge

Posted on May 13th, 2015 by

What-to-Say-When-You-Talk-to-Yourself-Part-2The latest research shows that the way you talk to yourself can predict your success in life.

Thank goodness, because I talk to myself all the time!

We all know that negative self-talk is not good for you.  But there is more to the story.  There is a specific way you should address yourself for maximum results.

Studies show that when you address yourself with the pronoun “I”, you are likely to perform poorly under stress.   When you address yourself by your name, your chances of success soar.

Researchers found that when it comes to the brain, distancing yourself from your sense of self helps you gain self-control, clarity and helps your performance.

You can use this information to effectively talk yourself through a challenge.… Read the rest

When You Don’t Get What You Want

Posted on May 1st, 2015 by

11193364_10152730558611712_6725392638344655904_nI had one of the biggest disappointments of my life last weekend.  
My daughter is on a high-level competitive cheer team.  They have been undefeated all season winning 5 Grand Championships and breaking international records with the highest score in the history of the sport.
This past weekend, they went into the Worlds competition with the expectation to win first place.  Unfortunately, due to a fluke “slip of the foot” in the last 20 seconds, they lost their world championship title. 
The disappointment was unbearable for these kids.  Many of them had aged out of the sport and it was there final year to achieve this goal.  They were heartbroken, crying for hours in disbelief.  I cried with them.Read the rest