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Upgrade Your Thinking

Upgrade your thinking I got a call from a client today who was worrying and obsessing over a problem.  Her mind was racing with the worst possible scenarios.   She called me so I could replace the bad thoughts with good ones and she would feel better.  I typed her name into my computer, found her file and hit enter.  Instantly her thoughts changed from bad to good.

Seriously, I wish it were that simple!!  We all have thoughts that we wish would vanish forever.  But the truth is that negative thoughts have an important job.   Sometimes they do positive things for us.

If we thought positive all the time, we would be absent from reality.  While it’s nice to look at the bright side, it is crucial to recognize and prepare for the obstacles too.… Read the rest

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The Opportunity of Adversity

The opportunity of adversityI just finished a 4-month cycle of adversity with my son.  I like to call it a cycle because adversity has a difficult beginning with the potential of a happy ending.

My son is a high school pitcher with aspirations to play professional baseball.  At the beginning of the spring season, he developed an intense fear of failure.  His drive for perfection caused him to lose his technique and his confidence.  This couldn’t have come at a worse time because in high school you only have a few short seasons to get noticed by colleges and his season was a disaster.

I immediately began training him on how to harness the power of his mind.    We used hypnosis, NLP strategies and mental toughness techniques to retrain his brain.  I told him that something great was going to come out of this if he did this one thing.  He had to have a positive attitude about the bad experience.   He agreed.… Read the rest

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Redefine Your Impossible

redefine your impossible 2I ran into an old friend yesterday.  She went through a terrible divorce that left her in financial ruins.  She hadn’t worked in 15 years and she was terrified she would not get a job paying enough support herself and her kids.

She knew she had no choice but to take action.  She made a list of everyone she knew and started making calls.  One day, a friend of a friend called her and asked her to meet him at Starbucks.  She was worried he wanted a date, not an employee, but she went anyway.

She decided to walk in there with confidence, not because of her work experience, but because of what she had inside.  She had 15 years of Mom and Wife, CEO and she sold it.… Read the rest

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The Cost of Impatience

Give it time. Don't give up!When it comes to patience, I turn into a 6 year old that is going to Disneyworld in two weeks.  I start jumping up and down inside counting the seconds until it happens.   Being an intense, driven person, patience has been a tough lesson for me.   Right now seems to be a good time for everything good to happen.

Impatience seems to be hard-wired into us.  Research shows that the human mind tends to choose immediate rewards over future gains.  We love to see quick results.

We have an idea and act on it.  When it doesn’t produce results fast enough, we quit.  This is one of the top reasons for business failure.

We start a relationship and get frustrated when problems appear.  We want to lose weight fast, make money fast, go from Monday to Friday fast.… Read the rest

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